The Happy Peasant Soaps

The Happy Peasant Soaps
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

High Feline Tea, Butter, Goddesses and the Divine Feminine

King Ulysses says 'hello!' (: He has been partial to taking naps next to Raggedy Anne this winter. Too adorable. He is the Romeo of the barn around here lately. (And if you look closely, you can see that Amanda has adorned him with her 'royal' locket as well).

Last year, at this time, we were successfully harvesting maple sap for syrup. This year, winter still has us firmly in his icy grips. So, while the snow still flies, I am catching up. Both in my home and on the computer. Here are some photos of what we have been doing for the past two months around the farm and in my 'Happy Peasant' world. Enjoy!

Building 'Snow Goats' (Nubian, of course!)

Tea Parties With the Cats! (and for the cats, as well)

Smartie is dressed in a fine frock for tea,

and Abbey, our resident barn calico, gets spoiled with high feline tea!!!

~Making Butter from Organic Milk!~

So fresh and so fun.

Nothing like making your own food AND knowing where it came from.

Transferring honey from one jar to the next, some with comb, some without, some with herbs in them...

Plum Cordial, made in the late autumn...being finished off during this hunger moon.

It is spectacular mixed with sparkling Pellegrino water from Italy.

Homemade Valentines. Always...always homemade.

We have a huge 'Valentine' box that is crammed full of floral papers, lace, trims, glitter, old Victorian cat calendars and ephemera for making homemade Valentines. It is a must in our family to 'make' your Valentine.

I have been relentlessly pursuing some artistic butterflies that I cannot scatter from the creative center of my mind. My Create 365 stares me in the face daily. I know, full well. that creating meals, love and a clean home all count, but this does not deter me from feeling a pang of sadness that I cannot create a new sketch or painting each day. However, I have continued to paint and am working on some very inspiring artwork in regards to the mythic goddess, the goddess as art, the goddess as feminine, and the stories surrounding all her many existences. I've also been reading and studying about the divine feminine and all the writings, stories, songs surrounding it. There is much more to tell here, but with a huge project on the horizon incorporating all these goddess/feminine creations, I will leave it to your imaginations until the project has reached fruition.

And, while all these little daily joys go on, I am noticing that the sun is up longer and the days seem to be filled with more light. The mist in the morning accompanies the spring song of resident birds, snow or not...and the maple sap will most assuredly flow in the days to come.

The seasons tilt forward, creaking one into the next. It seems the older I get the faster time goes, and also the faster winter goes. Funny, I always expected to dislike winter as I became older, but it is becoming quite the opposite. A secret wisdom to share with you: Winter is a luxury of such rest and quiet, I would love to have two more months of the 'time' that it affords (minus the snow), if you catch my drift (no pun intended for all of my Michigan readers).

Ah the drifts and the glitter of 20 degree snow under moonlight.

Enjoy this last bit of winter before the busy season arrives.

Soon we will have baby goats and chicks and lambs (and some piglets are on the horizon too!).

Soap making must resume quickly, barns must be readied, seeds and supplies need ordering. But, let me sneak just one more tiny afternoon with a stack of books, a warm wool blanket and a pot of Darjeeling, dear Winter? Thank you ever so much.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Hands of the Clock (Winged Like Cupid)

It seems the hands on all my clocks have acquired Cupid. They fly faster than I can run. Ah, but Happy Valentine's Day!

Things I am loving about today:

That the wind has been blowing for days and making all the wind chimes at the back door sing day and night!

That there are patches of blue sky in between fast moving cold clouds.

That we are above freezing temperature for this first time in MONTHS.

That there is (still) a stack of delicious books waiting for me to delve into next to my favorite reading corner in the cozy living room.

That I am inspired.

More soon. Hugs and Valentines to you!

Friday, February 4, 2011

On Paper

What I have been doing:

Lightening my Load (Less Stuff/Less Worries)
Making Granola
Steaming Veggies
Feeling The Warm Sun Through The Window
Watching Snow Fall
Stoking The Fire
Wearing Wool
Feeding Cats
Writing on Paper
(I'm taking a small detour/break from blogging in the 'traditional' sense and will be taking some time doing some quiet writing for my self...old style....)