The Happy Peasant Soaps

The Happy Peasant Soaps
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Of Steaming Mugs & Creative Endeavors

As February sleeps on, the sky remains a steady color of grey. But indoors, we create warm centers of Life around the fire and bring each other mugs of steaming teas and coffees.  It is the time to read and snuggle in blankets, the planning season, where the whole year lies beautifully ahead of us.

Sap will soon flow in the Sugar Maple trees and the birds will begin their sing-song mantras of early spring. I heard my favorite spring bird this morning, testing his song. I call him the 'Hurdy Gurdy Birdy' because that's just what his song sounds like. 

May your day be full of warm mugs of goodness and a snippet of birdsong prelude to early Spring.

In joy,