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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A little chart for you to print, and hang inside your cupboard door. If you are 'new' to herbal medicine, this is a good little thing to have to get you started and to 'build' your apothecary. (:

Some Common Medicinal Herbs & Their Uses

Sage:                                        Sore Throats, Nausea, Calming. Digestive Aid, Hair Rinse

Thyme:                                     Antiseptic, Respiratory Expectorant, Headaches

Mint:                                       Colds, Flu, Calming, Digestive Aid,

Comfrey:                                   Externally for cuts, Abrasions, Wounds, Insect bites, Bruises, Soreness.

Red Clover Blossoms:              Arthritis, Diuretic, Calming, Cough/Asthma, Phytoestrogen

Red Raspberry Leaf:                  Astringent, Sore Throat, Laxative, Uterine Toner

Plantain Leaf
(Narrow & Broad):                   Stops external bleeding, Wounds, Dry Skin

Mullein:                                    Expectorant for Respiratory Disorders, Infusions for Earache

Dandelion:                                Diuretic, Potassium, Vitamin A, Liver Cleansing

Elderberry:                               Antiviral

Hops:                                        Sedative, Calming, Phytoestrogen, Muscle Relaxant

Calendula:                                 Dry Skin, Pain, Swelling, Inflammations, Wounds

Echinacea:                                Immune Strengthener
Jewelweed:                                 Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac relief

Lavender:                                 Calming, Digestive Aid, Depression, Fatigue, Headache

Rosehips:                                   Uplifting, Vitamin C

Motherwort:                              Uterine Toner, PMS, Calming, Blood Pressure

Catnip:                                      Nausea, Indigestion, Calming

St. John’s Wort:                          Depression

Nettle:                                       Anemia, Fatigue

Purslane:                                   Extremely High in Omega 3, Vitamin C

Chamomile:                                Stress Relief, Indigestion

Shepherds Purse:                        Nosebleeds, Deep Bleeding