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The Happy Peasant Soaps
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Eve

Blissful dry cool air is blowing in from the west tonight after weeks, WEEKS of hot humid weather and incessant days and nights of having the world outside shut off with the humming and droning of the air conditioner. So thankful to hear the birds, the crickets, the wind, the echos of distant dog barks and mooing cows. We scrubbed and cleaned house all morning and now it feels so good to rest. Big stacks of books await my eyes if they don't threaten to play hide and seek with my eyelids.

To all who read here: I have acquired a scanner, finally, and will now be able to share works of art instead of just photographs! Coming soon (as soon as I get it all figured out) (:


basketsbyrose said...

I'm also looking forward to that cool air for the weekend! Enjoy your books!

Dyche Designs said...

We've had the most crazy hot and humid summer and I was getting worried that our well water was going to run dry. Finally had some rain this weekend and I couldn't be happier. Think it's going to take a while for the water levels to get back up to a good level but it's a start. I love it when Fall/Autumn starts making an appearance, it's my favorite season.