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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Children and Stress

This is just a quick post, for anyone who might stop by. A reminder. If you have children, remember that it is easy to get caught up in the fast pace of our world. Things are flying by at an unprecedented pace in human history.

How many times do you tell your child to 'hurry up' each day? Be conscious of this today and take a deep breath and wait a little. So, you may be late for whatever lesson, appointment, person you are going to. Are they more important than the mental health of your child? What are you teaching your child? Hurry hurry hurry, for what? I was using the phrase, 'hurry up and die', a lot this past summer...because it seemed so silly that we are all rushing towards....? what? What are we rushing for? But, now I have to rethink this phrase because a classmate from our son's middle school, a beautiful normal 13 year old boy, in our little small farming town of Dexter, has taken his own life this past week. A wake up call to everyone, everywhere. Stop pushing, slow down. The minds and hearts of our children are more important than success.

We are pushing our children too hard. All, and I repeat ALL of this will be waiting for them when they grow up. Why are we pushing so hard?

Relax, wait, be late, breathe, laugh, sit on the couch and read together. Do nothing for once. Slow down. Your children will be all the better for it.

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basketsbyrose said...

Great point on rushing, sad about the little boy. A girl also in New Boston took her life this week. We need to let kids be kids, fast or slow, just let them be!