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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Hunger Moon

Yesterday, as I was gathering eggs in the old henhouse, the light was dim and dark and I was certain that I had been sent back in time to Charles Dickens' world. The dark wood and the barren surroundings implied it all too well. As I grabbed the warm brown eggs out of each nest, I realized that the hens had drastically cut their egg production in almost half in the past few days, due to the extreme cold weather. And, it was then that I remembered we had entered what was/is commonly termed by the Native Americans, The Hunger Moon. The Hunger moon is the time of year when fresh food fed by green pasture and flowing spring is meager. When the last of the meat is being used up and the body begins to crave the vitamins and plentiful bounty of spring and summer. Dairy animals are due to give birth soon, and so the milk is not yet available. All things are low, the earth is cold and sleeping and the light is dark to, at best, dim.

With this Hunger Moon upon us, I feel a special need to share some of my favorite winter farm and field recipes with you. So, while I wait for my 'Create, I mean Create 365' paintings to dry, I will be posting some comfort food to warm the soul, feed the body and keep us healthy until the waters and the sun flow and shine once more.


basketsbyrose said...

Thank you for the quick lesson on the hunger moon! This is why we are looking for comfort foods!

Anonymous said...

YUM!1 Can't wait!