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Monday, June 20, 2011

In The Moment - Work...and Joy

~ ~ ~ June ~ ~ ~

Month of cakes, roses, weddings, love, moonlight, refracting sunlight in little pools of happy water. 

Month of sleepy mornings, open promises, beautiful beginnings. 

June - 

My favorite month.
And yet, like the William Waterhouse painting above, my June is an unfinished event. I am working so diligently to finish projects, align creative ideas, bring artistic piles to fruition and all the while I am aware that the art and joy is in the doing, not the finishing.

May you see the beauty in the unfinished work of your life and of this June, month of fresh promises, month of fleeting time, month of Joy!


La Zia Artemisia said...

Your words and picture are so sweet.. a hug from far away
la Zia Artemisia

The Happy Peasant said...

La Zia Artemisia (: ~ Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello and for the hug. Much needed this week - Your Wild Woman Roots must have told you. I visit your site often to remind myself to reconnect with all that is the wild woman (: Ciao