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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Long Shadows - Short on Time

So very busy, this autumn season is. With apples, cider, harvest, school. Too much, really. My writing has been scarce. The words roll around in my mind, waiting for my feet to stop and to be put on paper, or here.

Lack of time is plentiful, and so I will write short notes until my feet can move slower and the world rests for the winter.

October 1, 2011

The sun is more golden this afternoon and I notice the shadows have changed. The leaves on the trees clack with a knowing that frost will soon be here. Birds sing only the necessary songs.

I gathered goldenrod to dye the wool with. Washing wool and finally putting it out in the crisp fall air to dry.

Unloaded a truckload of pumpkins with Amanda and gathered a half bushel of chestnuts with Albert.

The help for the day served themselves from a dish of homemade lasagna and a fresh apple pie.

The chill was unmistakable in the air tonight. Woodsmoke fills the air here and there and it is time to have the woolens out of the drawers.

Picked the leeks from the garden and will make leek potato soup when time allows.

October 2, 2011

Sun is bright and air is windy and crisp. It will be another very busy day. Served fried oatmeal squares with our own maple syrup, strong coffee and cider for everyone to drink (well, not coffee for the children) (:

Back to the apple room, the eggs and making soap.


La Zia Artemisia said...

Just a hug from here. And good Samhein time.
la Zia Artemisia

Suzanne said...

Sound like a delightful kind of busy Amy:-)

basketsbyrose said...

Fall is a very busy but beautiful time of year.

sheepyhollow said... busy, but a happy time. How are your goats? :)

The Happy Peasant said...

la Zia, thank you for stopping by, and with one word, reminding me of the joy of the passing seasons. A good Samhein to you too! ~Amy

The Happy Peasant said...

Suzanne, yes a joyful kind of busy, that is surely true. Thanks for stopping by, so nice to hear from you! ~Amy

The Happy Peasant said...

Rose, yes, I often wonder why so much beauty comes to ripeness all at once; almost too much for the senses. ~Amy

The Happy Peasant said...

The goats are fat little sausages, rolling around the pasture waiting and getting their thick little winter coats! I crave working with wool in this season? You? ~Amy

Tina Main said...

You inspire me Amy!! Tina Main