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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Woodland Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, may the peaceful quiet of the leafless trees 
and the nesting animals smile down on you, 
and give you rest, and pause. 

May your thanks be for blessings, happiness and love.

There is no beauty like the silence of the woods in the crisp and cold of late November.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Happy Peasant.


jackie said...

i came to your blog from the Tasha Tudor group. i, too, love herbal gardening, soapmaking, etc. i know i'm going to love reading your blog as well as the posts on the Tasha group.
Take peace!

The Happy Peasant said... glad you stopped by and joined in. So glad to have you here! I would love to hear more about your herbal gardens and soapmaking! Sincerely, Amy (: