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The Happy Peasant Soaps
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Late summer fruits and gifts from the trees...

There is that tail end, a snippet, of seasons that is tacked on at the end of any lengthy stay of weather, that begs us to say, "when will the next season finally get here?"

August weather extending into the flourish of early September leaves many of us asking just that question.  Take heart. In a few weeks, the axis of the earth will shift just enough to send the hours of daylight versus darkness galloping away from us faster than we can run.

There will be frosty air, the kind that makes the tips of our fingers numb, hurried jaunts out to the field to gather the last of the green tomatoes and narrow leafed plantain, and favorite tweedy wool sweaters will be pulled from drawers smelling of last autumn's perfume.

The rush will be on to gather acorn and firewood, depending on if you are a squirrel or a woodsman. And, the ever comforting stock pot will return to the kitchen, re seating itself as the regal overseer of all kitchen merry making for the next 6 months or so.  Next to it sits it's royal counterpart, the tea kettle.

Boots come out of cobwebby closet corners, and striking a match at sunrise to light our candles catalyzes from a physical act into one of spirit and understanding.

Summer stories spill from the tips of the trees as their leaves fall in a dizzying cosmic dance.

It comes upon us quickly, yet we forget each year and still we sit in the late summer heat wondering...waiting for Autumn's arrival.

As I write this, the air is blowing in hotly from the southwest, hot as an oven door left open after baking a peach pie.  The fruits of summer are ripening like tinted gems in the heat, readying themselves for basket and jar, to sit upon our shelves during the cozy months ahead.