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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Am A Radical Homemaker

Who knew there was a name for it. Nice to know that others think the same. To the right is some hand ground, sourdourgh Sheepherder's bread with fresh honey & comb. It is a simple sourdough and an easy loaf to make and share. I will share the recipe and the sourdourgh starter recipe in my next post.


Anonymous said...

A radical homemaker! Love it. I can feel the power & energy & simplicity shining forth from this. :)

The Happy Peasant said...

Kathy, thanks. It is a powerful feeling to create your own home, is it not? Also, wanted to say I felt your pain at the Florida rain. Rained for 6 days when I once visited Key West! Also, hard place to leave, all that bright sun and clinkling seashells. - Amy