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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stripping Away The Layers

This afternoon it was cold and rainy, and I went upstairs to clean and organize the 'library', a huge middle room in the house that holds ALL our books...and there are a lot of them. I love books. As I was organizing, I realized that the center bookcase, which always houses my favorite of favorite books, no longer was up-to-date. It no longer held books that were in line with who I am today.

So, I gathered all the books from around the room that were who I am today, including my father's collection of Kahlil Gibran books,

I then proceeded to place my father's picture and his Mason books in this special spot. It was then that I became aware, all at once, that we spend our entire lives layering and covering up who we are when we are born into this world. When we are born, we come as an already programmed, complete package. And, anyone who has more than one child can tell you this is true. This little person comes out into the world, ready to go, and already making facial expressions and gestures that will be their's for life. We are who we are...there is no changing it. Why we spend the majority of our days layering, searching, building, buying, seeking and pretending...when we already have everything we need to be who we are, is beyond my comprehension. However, I am content to be who I came into this world to be. I am stripping away the layers, and it feels wonderful and light.

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