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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

African Animals, Toledo Tornado and Soup

On Friday, I drove our daughter to Toledo, Ohio, which is only about 45 minutes south of us, to join her first grade class for a day at the zoo. It was a beautiful hot day and the zoo was clean and full of many animals and botanical beauties. Amazing that just hours after we drove through Toledo and Dundee, Michigan on the way home, tornadoes swept through the area decimating many homes and businesses.

Upon arriving home, that evening, my husband had a forlorn look on his face. "Can't you stock the cupboard with some cans of soup that are appealing to me?" He asked. Yes, husband-starvation sets in when a woman leaves home for longer than 8 hours (-: What sorts of soups would you like? I asked. He replied that he had looked in the cupboard and viewed only, and I quote, "Cream of Junkyard, Cream of Worm Bed and Cream of Sawdust" /-: !!! I laughed so hard at these descriptions that I had to share them with you. I think they translate to Cream of Shrimp, Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Celery or thereabouts! Enjoy that visual image if you will.


basketsbyrose said...

Glad you enjoyed your day at the zoo, and your husband is funning. Hope you did not have any damage from the storm. I'm in Carleton, so the middle of the storm damage, but we are ok.

The Happy Peasant said...

Glad you are okay. Those were some scary storms. Not much sleep that night!