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The Happy Peasant Soaps
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Simple Uncomplicated Living

The simple path, the singular view, the way we looked at things when we were 22. These are the things that we need to get back to.

When I was 19, I had a blue plastic milk crate, about 8 textbooks, two pairs of jeans, some over sized sweatshirts and a futon. Oh was life good...I lived on frozen yogurt rejects from the yogurt store I worked at and stayed up late watching black and white reruns on a used couch owned by one of the other girls in my house. I hadn't yet figured out why people were the way they are. I had tons of questions about the universe. I owned nothing, I had no bills, I had no responsibility save my next term of classes and exams and showing up to the yogurt store the next day. Coffee was instant, not expensive Starbucks as I'm accustomed to now (and it was great!), discussions about life were full and exciting and the world smelled and felt good.

We should all try to get back to one blue plastic milk crate and a futon. Liberating and simple and real.

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