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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Devil Named 'Defeat'

"The devil named defeat is hot on my trail and trying to get me...I'm still outrunning him, but the gap is narrowing...."
Life, on the farm, is very beautiful and full of an amazing bountifulness. But, it is also filled with daily life and death. Life and death decisions, the death of beloved animals and pets, injuries, and accidents. Sometimes, the 'in your face' life and death of watching the seasons, the harvests, the battles of bird and cat, baby mouse and hawk, bug and squash become commonplace. Other days, such as today, my heart is wrung out and hung out to dry with the pain of it all. Never be fooled, farming is living with your heart right out on the line. Your heart right out in the thunderstorm, in the lightning, in the icy pelting rain, in the finger numbing cold. There is no hiding from the absolute truth of God's seasons and no ducking the realities that come with it, try as we may.
Today was an especially painful day here on the farm. Not the first, and certainly not the last.
That old devil named defeat...he can keep chasing, but I'm still in the lead....


sheepyhollow said...

Dear Amy,

I can feel your pain as I read your entry. Farm life is both challenging and rewarding. Let God's grace take away your sorrow. Jen

confused homemaker said...

I didn't grow up on a farm, but have heard stories from friends & family who have (some still living farm life everyday!). I feel for you, it's definitely in God's grace that you can outrun defeat when living a challenge.

Jules said...


I hope you're ok - sounds like something rough has happened. I'm here if you need anything.


The Happy Peasant said...

Jen, thank you for your understanding. The beauty of farm life is weighted everyday against the hardships, isn't it?

Julia Guthrie said...

I'm sorry you have to have days like that hon, but I guess without days like this we wouldn't truly be able to appreciate the wonderful days too!
*hugs* xxxxx