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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Newly Found Autumn Treasure (and it was right there all the time!)

(photo courtesy of Emmalee Rose Photography)

One thing I've noticed this year is that September is more beautiful than I ever remember. But then, so are a lot of things. I don't ever remember it being so golden and glorious, so heavy with fruit and possibility. I used to push September aside to try and quickly get to regal October. Oh, but look what I have missed out on all these years!

This has been a month of lists upon lists and work beyond measure. I have undertaken new tasks that I never thought I could accommodate, and yet life makes room for what it needs to.

Evenings are full of fairy tale books and the Redwall series (a book about mice who live in Abbeys). So, now we have a pet mouse (a wild field mouse who is living well beyond his/her? means in a critter cage complete with cozy wool nest and all the grain she/he can store away) (:

My wish is that this September is more beautiful than your last.


sheepy hollow said...

Hi Amy!
I'm looking forward to Fall and putting the gardens to bed, freeing up time for other things we put aside! I wish I could 'hook-up' with you at Art on the Farm event and actually 'meet'. hee hee have a very lucky pet mouse. I usually try to 'release' the mice my barn kitties bring me too! :)

Jen, Sheepy Hollow

primitivegirl said...

To a Jack of All Trades and Master of ALL, I wish you the best of this glorious fall.

Kathy said...

Our kids read the Redwall series...and my daughter once had a pet mouse that she accidentally killed (and she says that still haunts her.) I love your description of September's glories! Beautiful...

The Happy Peasant said...

Connie, so glad you stopped by. I always treasure the chance to visit with you when you are passing by the farm. Hugs.

The Happy Peasant said...

Redwall has given an completely new outlook to our 12 year old, Kathy. What a tremendous series of books. I highly recommend them for any reader of any age! (:

The Happy Peasant said...

Jen, I do hope you can make it to Art on the Farm. And, if you don't, you are always welcome here at our farm, which is right next door! (:

A Homeschool Story said...

Your writing is magnificent. I am enjoying perusing all of the entries! We once had a pet (wild)mouse, for a short time before it escaped UPSTAIRS in the bedrooms.

Thank you for the reminder to make the most of September. It sometimes is still so hot that my heart is yearning for October to quick get here...and now it is almost November.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, 'wish I had chickens and eggs to wash at 4am!


The Happy Peasant said...

Thank you Angela. I'm glad you enjoy my words. Don't worry, I'm not washing eggs at 4:00 a.m., just my blog timer being off (: Aren't pet wild mice a mixed blessing? (We had one get loose in the kitchen all winter. It played hide and seek with the cat under the refrigerator!) ~Amy