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Monday, December 27, 2010

Herbally Healthy - Herbally Good

With the New Year shortly upon us, now is the time to begin thinking about how you will change your health and change your life. You can start by implementing all natural herbal health care products into your home, and removing those that contain harmful chemicals. You can help your body by drinking plenty of clean fresh water and by picking a healthy lifestyle of fun exercise and deliciously fresh whole foods such as local pasture fed meats, crispy deep green leafy vegetables and wild herbals such as nettles and dandelions.

May your New Year bring New Health to you!


Suzanne said...

Happy New Year Amy! I love the picture of all the soap:-) I am thinking of dipping my toe into soapmaking using goats milk. Any tips or pointers to share?

The Happy Peasant said...

Hi Suzanne, soapmaking is just like cooking (without the calories) (: If you can cook, you can make soap. Just make sure to also protect your hands and face, not just your eyes, from the lye solution and to have fun!