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Saturday, December 11, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Today is the day we go and cut our Christmas tree. We visit a tree farm about 25 minutes west of here and ride a horse driven wagon out to the fields. There, we run amok like children (with our children) among the trees to find the 'perfect' one. "Be careful", we remind each other, "they look smaller out here!" Our son helps his dad saw the tree and we drag it back to the horse and wagon and ride back to pay. Once the tree is safely attached to the car top, we have Christmas cookies and tea or cocoa and head home.

Our tree of choice is usually a Concolar Fir. Beautiful soft needles that are still strong enough to hold up ornaments, the tree has a lovely orange-y pine scent for the holidays and loses less needles than any fresh tree we've ever owned.

Whatever tree you put in your home, tiny, big, old, new, fresh or not...may you enjoy your tree day when it arrives.


Lady Jane said...

Enjoy putting up that tree. Sounds like a lot of fun picking it out. I was scrolling thru ur blog and I just love the Tasha Tudor pic. I want to do that in miniature. Thanks. Mini Blessings. Lady Jane

The Happy Peasant said...

How fun to do that in miniature! Thank you, so much, for stopping by my site and joining! I'm happy to meet you. Blessings to you. ~Amy