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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Forte'

It appears Spring has decided to show her beautiful face early, and in full forte' force, here in Michigan. Weeks ahead of schedule she arrived and went from flower to flower, branch to branch, coaxing open petals and leaves.  She arrived with a whirl, as our small town of Dexter was hit by an F3 tornado on March 15th. Amazingly, no one was hurt, but many many hundreds of homes were damaged and some were destroyed.  Our small town pulled together and functioned like a well oiled machine of friendship and kindness. Very reassuring in today's times.

Before Spring's appearance, I was the unlucky recipient of a 2 month serious bout with bacterial pneumonia. My first, and hopefully last, experience with it.  I literally could not move from chair to couch without becoming fatigued and learned a whole lot about how to heal pneumonia.

My next post will be all about herbal allies, foods, and supplements, and what I discovered about pneumonia, to help anyone out there who is unfortunate enough to come down with it. It was unreal, that is for sure. I'm so glad and thankful to be well again, to be able to run, and move and have energy. I want to make sure to help anyone who is suffering and wondering if, they too, will ever feel well again. You will.

Happy Spring!


sheepyhollow said...

Blessings to you and your family this Easter! So glad you're feeling better... a re-birth for you as well! Take care dear friend. :)

jenny said...

Amy!! I'm sure I just saw you on the news...and the recent devastation of the storm! Thank God you & your family are ok? My prayers are with you.


The Happy Peasant said...

Hi Jenny. Yes, that was me /: We are fine. Thank God. Quite a mess to clean up and still trying to deal with what happened...unreal! I was just signing in to write a post about it. Thanks for your kind words. ~Amy

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