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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catching the Moon

I have been absent from my blog for some time. Well, actually since this past winter when I had an unfriendly visit from Ms. Pneumonia. She took up most of my winter and when I was free of her visit, I immediately set about making up for lost time in my life by heading south to the sea, into 'said' sea with wild dolphins, and trying out new foods and recipes to heal my body and to enrich my spirit. My creativity has soared, but alas I have neglected to put my favorite words down here for you to read, and am now ready to make amends.

So, over the next couple of posts, I will be briefly touching on some of the different and interesting things that have transpired here at The Happy Peasant since I last wrote. Looking dolphins in the eye, swimming over sharks, foraging for wild food in the Bahamas, new moon bonfires, indiginous herbal teas from South America served in warm pottery mugs by moonlight, synchronistic friendships, farmers markets, new soaps...all will be put down here as fast as I can plunk the keys. (:

Today, I am listening to chamber music on the radio, the windows are thrown open to the din of the slowly retiring flora and fauna of this time of year. I have a handful of cashews (my favorite food in the whole world) and a dog eared, haphazard stack of many writing projects sitting next to me, fueling both my body and mind on this glorious late summer's day.