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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Create, Do, Be, Live, Now

I DIDN'T SLEEP much last night, it is very very hot here in Michigan, and our old rambling farmhouse is not insulated well, so heat comes in and cold. We have one bold brave little window unit air conditioner for when things get really nasty (such as today). But, there is hope on the horizon. The children and I have been invited to go to a local lake to swim for the afternoon. Summer afternoon at the lake. Summer breezes and cold lemonade. It is, most surely, the heart of summer. How it has gone by so fast is amazing to can it be this late in July?

And so, on that thought. I am going to attempt to be more creative, in the midst of life. I have commented to many that I don't understand how artists, writers, dancers and musicians jot down their work as the creative thoughts enter their head. It is a subject that I find fascinating. For me, ideas come all wrapped and packaged, instantaneously. And, I must write them down or, better yet, DO them at that moment, or they vanish. Tell me, do you write your most creative epiphanies on receipts in the car, on your hand, on the grocery bag, on lists, in journals...or, do you just go do them in the midst of life and living? That is my goal for today and the rest of my life, to just go do them and make and create them as they appear in all their full color and three dimensional glory...before they fade, and before life, and the ever present march of time wins out over the joy of art and music, dance and words!

And, I must also confide to you that God has been sending a whole bunch of new friends my way! What a gift. New friends! You know, the sort of friends who stay with you for life~Wow. I can't tell you how thankful I am for that. He knows just what we need, when we need it. And, so the above card is in honor of that. The photo is a tad bit askew, but then, so is life, huh? (-;


sheepy hollow said...

Hi! I love your sweet card! I must tell you that I have 'jotted' down ideas on a scrap of paper...when feeling 'inspired'. Whether in the middle of the night or as I'm going about my daily chores. The trick is to find all those scraps of paper! lol

There never seems to be enough time to do everything, and I usually put MY needs at the bottom of the list. I'm also fond of To-Do lists!

I do hope we get some relief from this heat! I lost my Jersey Wooly bunny the other day...I'm keeping close tabs on the rest of my critters!

Hugs, Jenny

time2try2eat said...

Amy I create in the moment or it is gone-hence my poison ivy. The beautiful grape vine was entwined with the poison one but I didn't see it- only the beauty of the grapevine-I will be more careful next time...maybe :)

Amelia said...

Hi, great musings. I can't get my ideas out into a physical reality quick enough, so I carry with me at all times a little note-book in my bag to catch the abundance of ideas that seem to float into my world and head continuously.

So nice to hear you are making/meeting true friends along the way.


Drew said...

As a writer, losing my "inspired" thoughts has always been the bane of my existence. . well that and traffic roundabouts, but that's another story.

In case you're wondering, I put the word inspired in quotes above because what I've discovered is that my ideas or so-called midnight epiphanies are often transformed into a mass of indecipherable jumbled thoughts under the harsh glow of sunlight.

In fact, it turns out that my ideas are only truly inspired when I forget to write them down and I convince myself that I missed out on a once in a lifetime revelation "It's gold Jerry!"

As far as systems go, I used to carry a little spiral notebook in my pocket but after two or three of these got destroyed in the laundry, I gave it up.

Now I generally prefer writing my ideas on crumpled napkins, straw papers, and sugar packets hastily retrieved from the glovebox of my car, all of which of course my wife promptly throws away!