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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who Do You Write Like?

This is so fun. (Well, for a writer at least). Simply copy and paste a sample of your writing style in the box on this website, and it will inform you what famous author your writing style resembles! Fun!
(For the record, it says I write like Mark Twain and...Stephen King...scary!) (Addendum on July 18th! I pasted in some of my 'blog' writing instead of my fiction and poetry and it told me I write like David Foster Wallace and James Joyce...ouch, that's dark and scary in addition to Stephen King!)


Kathy said...

I pasted my writing in that website and learned the truth (re-learned it once again.) The truth is that I have multiple personalities...I mean writing styles. Every single piece of writing (from Simply Now and Lake Superior Spirit) called to mind a different author. One of them was even Stephen King!! Goodness. How did I do that? LOL!

The Hausfrau said...

This is fun! I put in a small vignette and was rewarded with P.G. Wodehouse, a huge fave of mine. I want to try other samples, but I also feel like quitting while I'm ahead!