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Thursday, July 22, 2010

North of North

Our oldest child, Albert, is now a good 12 hours and close to 1000 miles away from us! He is North of North! He is on a Canadian fishing trip with my parents and I am missing him terribly. There is obviously no cell service where they are as I haven't heard from him since they crossed the Canada-Michigan border at Sault St. Marie. I am in a summer 'rut'. I have soooooooooooo much work to do. Primitive orders, soap orders, garden weeding, apricot jam (apricots are all accounted for/sold now), canning, berry picking to become blackberry jam, herb gathering, house cleaning, piano lessons for our daughter...and of course, the Ann Arbor Art Fair is running this week. Friends who I have not talked to in 6 months have called, wanting to have lunch together and go antiquing. I am maxed out and tired.

When we head in many directions we succeed at nothing. What I need is a nap in a hammock and iced coffee aftewards with a good summer novel.

So many beautiful things to do, so little time to do them.
Checking in here to tell you all that I am still 'around', just buried in my work once 'gain.

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sheepyhollow said...

Hi Amy! We are such kindred spirits it's funny! I'm re-energized by all the wonderful (and talented) fiber folks at Castle Farms. Now I have to work double quick to catch up. Armada Fair is a few weeks away. Oh my! An iced coffee sounds great! Jen