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Monday, February 22, 2010

Maple Sugaring Time

Our son, Albert, has been waiting two years to try his hand at tapping sugar maples and boiling down his own maple syrup. So, this year we invested in some used buckets and lids from a company in Minnesota. On Sunday, for four shoulder-paining hours, we hand drilled (we are being authentic here) holes in seven ancient 100 year old maples and placed 14 spiles, buckets and lids. The sap was flowing as we tapped and placed the buckets. Each of us bent down and let the sap fall on our tongues like candy. I can't tell you how exciting and joyful that was, even with my sore shoulders! Back at the warm farm kitchen, we all thawed out with giant mugs of scalding hot Darjeeling tea.

Last night, the weather blanketed us with 10 inches of heavy wet snow. Amanda and I created the 'Snow Cone Castle'...a fort to beat all forts. It is adorned with icicles, dried flowers and a banner that says 'Welcome'. We molded mugs and plates and bowls out of snow, smoothed a table top and made snow chunk chairs. We made 'knick-knack' shelves and frozen slush refrigerators in the snow. She made a snow bed and, last of all, we found a brown pebble studded 'chunkagle' in the driveway from the mailman and placed it in our 'living room' area as our television. We added a walnut frond for the antennae. Wish it was that simple in real life!

The children and I just went out, at dusk, to check the buckets and pour the sap. Almost 4 gallons of sap from a very early tapping. Beautiful and exciting. I will post pictures as we progress and show you all the stages that I can.


The Brickhouse said...

That is so cool that you are collecting maple syrup..I love your blog and your picturetrail..I love the soaps and candles.. I may have to try some of them soon! I have a little craft shop in PA and I would love to have soaps like that in my shop. I always wanted to learn how to make soap but I can never find the time.

Anonymous said...

Four gallons of sap! Way to go! Love hearing of that fort, too. I remember when our kids used to make incredible forts all around the house in the snow...

The Happy Peasant said...

Patti. Thanks for all your kind comments about my 'creations'. I think life would be very stagnant without constant creating. Soap is very making cookies without the calories. (-: - Amy

The Happy Peasant said...

Kathy, yes the fort was fun...but oh, Snow Cone Castle, and childhood, go away oh so very fast. Too too fast. If I had one wish it would be for childhood to last almost forever! - Amy