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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Naturally Clean

A couple of months ago, when I went out to the organic farm where we purchase our cow's share of raw milk, I made a mental note of how 'natural' and clean the milk kitchen seemed. Natural, in that there was clearly earthy footsteps and dirt in the throw rugs on the floor...from the farmers and workers coming and going and clean in that everything was spotless and nice and scrubbed. But, there was no cloying Spic and Span smell or flawlessly white sinks. Instead, I saw natural rust stains from the high iron content of the water and dish clothes that were freshly washed and dry, but slightly off color. This made me feel good and happy inside. Why? Because I knew that the people who were milking the cows and pouring my milk into bottles were concerned with natural things and clean things all rolled in one.

I have been thinking, for some time now, about buying large boxes of baking soda and vinegar and just cleaning the house this way. Now, after reading mainstream reports that common household cleaners such as Windex and Clorox may be causing breast cancer in our generation and generations to come, I think my mind is made up.

Oh, for the record, the little cardboard sign that says 'do you REALLY need to use this?' is going back in our microwave today as well!

Have a naturally clean, but not too clean, day

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