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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Renewed Inspiration

What renews your inspiration? What fuels your creative side? What brings it to the front and center of your daily life? Is it music, dance or just time by yourself? Or, is it time with others? For me, inspiration comes from varied places. Today, inspiration came in an envelope in the mail. The mailbox held a yellow packet from Seeds of Change. I didn't order anything this year from Seeds of Change...yet. So, my curiosity was peaked as I opened the package in the warmth of the kitchen. Inside the envelope were four packets of Ianto's Yellow Fava Beans. These were heirloom fava beans that I ordered LAST YEAR and must have been sold out. I was sad when they didn't show up with last year's seeds, but I am filled with a surprise and an inspiration. Why? Because I vividly recall laughing about ordering them as they are touted to contain high natural levels of dopamine. Dopamine and Serotonin are some of the things us Northern Sunlight Vitamin D Deprived Individuals crave now and then. So, it was a double dose of sunshine in my mailbox. Inspiration. Seeds, life, new beginnings. Sweep out the old and make way for the NEW. New is good...even if the new is about old things. Give yourself permission today to embrace the new. It might just lead you to a wonderful path of inspired living, creative do-ing and reconnected thoughts/threads that you had put down and forgotten. Have you, perhaps, ignored how important some of those threads were to you? Pick them up and they will carry you to the land of inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like we think the same way about giving ourselves permission to embrace the new! How fun to receive the seeds...even though they were a little late... This is a great post!

The Happy Peasant said...

Thank you. Yes, better late than never...and I can't wait to see if these are as good as they are reported to be! -Amy